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Protecting Your Online Self

GKCU reminds you to help keep your online ID protected follow some of these helpful tips:
1) Occasionally change passwords. 2) Don't use the same password for all your online
websites (esp financial ones). 3) Make passwords more challenging by adding symbols &
numbers to them. 4) Make sure sites are secure with https: in the address. 5) Look for additional
security options like GKCU's Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) that asks questions when you log
in from other computers. 6) Lock / Turn off computers when you are away from them (including mobile
phones with password options.) 7) Most importantly: notify us if you notice any suspicious on your accounts. 

To Pay off or Not to Pay off

There are a lot of different kinds of credit out there. One of the most common forms is the auto loan. Now, as hot as we all are to pay off our long-term debts and own something free and clear, there are a couple of caveats to know about before racing to get that statement to read zero.

To determine if paying your car loan off will help your credit score, we need to understand several things and construct scenarios to determine how that action may play out. Read More


College: The Great PayOff

You studied. You worked hard. You applied. You got accepted. Now it's time to take that next great
step towards broadening your educational journey: College. But you also have to find a way to pay
for it.

Almost 40 percent of U.S. undergraduates attend community colleges and more than 80
percent of full-time students need financial aid, according to TICAS, which focuses on college access
and affordability. While tuition and fees are typically lower than that at four-year public universities,
total costs average $15,000 and only about 2 percent have their needs met by grants, it said.
Without U.S. government loan access, students are often driven to take out more expensive loans with
fewer protections, such as private loans and through credit cards. (Read More) 
With many options available, GKCU  
has a great partnership with Salie Mae that may make your education more about
you and less about your wallet.
Click here to apply. 



Refer a Friend. Reward Yourself.

We all like to share things with our friends, especially if it can save them some
money. From specials at the grocery stores to tips for vacations to Disney, friends share.
So why not share the great rates at GKCU with your friends too! Whether they are looking
for a car or boat (new or used), new home, or just lowering their payments on a credit card,
GKCU can help - and reward you too!

Refer a friend to apply or move a loan to GKCU and you could get $100 in your savings! Simply
forward or print the Refer a Friend card and when they come in and their loan is approved* - you
will have a little extra spending money of your own! For more information, click here or stop by a GKCU
office for details.

(*Promotion valid through Aug. 30,2014. Min. loan amount must be $5000 to receive reward. Rewards
will be distributed upon loan approval. Loan rate and terms subject to credit worthiness and
GKCU's policies. See GKCU for details).


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