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Home Depot Breach

Recently Home Depot announced card numbers had been exposed during a data breach of debit and credit card transactions from April 2014 on.  While we cannot protect you against third-party security breaches, we can help to protect you against fraudulent activity if that information is compromised.

We work closely with our debit and credit providers, as well as our financial system processor, to have the highest quality encryption available for your personal information. We flag and monitor accounts to prevent fraudulent activity. We also will review and correct any fraud that might occur on a member's account. New debit/credit cards will be reissued to affected members (at no cost) to help prevent further exposure (cardholders will be notified via mail if a new card will be reissued)


As always, GKCU reminds you to regularly check your accountsto ensure there are no unauthorized transactions. Signing up for our free online and mobile services is a great way to stay connected. When you can, sign for transactions (vs. entering a PIN). When ordering online make sure the website starts with https:// (the "s" indicates it is a secured website) and try to avoid using public "Wi-Fi" connections for making purchases from smartphones. Finally, if you notice any suspicious activity, notify us immediately (or if after hours our debit/credit provider at 866-820-8775). 

Keeping Your Credit Safe during Date Breach

We've seen more and more details of data breaches at some of the nation's top retail stores.
While GKCU will invorm anyone directly should we see there card may have been involved, click here
for tips to help you if you suspect suspicious activity on other accounts.


College Kids & Identity Theft

Going off to college is a time to experience new things; or a great way to 'find one's self'. But according to recent
reports, college students are one of the highest risks for others finding them too and stealing their identities.
Identity theft is one of the fastest growing crimes in our country and your students can be the prime victim. To
learn some tips to protect your & your child's identities, click here.

And of course, notify GKCU if you notice anything suspicious on your account(s).  

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