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Tell Your Friends about GKCU

Friends love to share when they find a good deal -
and what better deal to share than membership at GKCU!
When you refer a friend to the credit union until May 31
you both can get rewarded!*

Simply pick up a Refer a Friend card when you're in a GKCU
branch and then just give it to a friend you know could benefit
from credit union membership! When they come in and open a savings
and checking and one other GKCU service - you will receive $25 into your
savings account! That's right - membership at GKCU really pays!

*See credit union for details. Some restrictions apply. Subject to credit
union worthiness and GKCU policies. Cash reward (not to exceed $25) will be
deposited into account upon new members' approval and opening of accounts.
APR on loan rates not be to be lower thatn GKCU current base rate. Refer a friend
card must accompany account documents.

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